F20 BMW M135i

F20 BMW M135i details start coming in

The market for small sporty cars isn’t small these days. It may have been so about a decade ago but it’s definitely coming back.

Trouble is, quantity doesn’t necessarily bring you to success. The really capable DNA of a great sports car of diminutive sizes is something tricky to create in a lab.

F20 BMW M135i
F20 BMW M135i

Few companies can manage it and BMW is one of those who not only achieve it but somehow manage to improve the breed. That’s why we’re looking forward to the M135i.

It’s not a fully fledged M Division product. It doesn’t have the sportiest of shapes and it’s not BMW’s best design example either.

This isn’t going to hold us back. Right here, right now, I’m willing to stick my neck out for the way the hot Bavarian hatch will go round corners.

F20 BMW M135i
F20 BMW M135i

Apart from the sublime chassis, suspension and steering setup, the new details regarding the engine that’s going into the F20 M135i make feel pretty confident about another aspect.

The bits in between the corners are simply going to be devoured thanks to a 3.0 liter straight six cylinder twin-turbo engine.

There have been a few rumors about it being a V6 but it seems that’s not the case, it’s still a “proper” BMW engine and it will be chucking out some 320 horsepower.

F20 BMW M135i
F20 BMW M135i

Remarkably, that’s (marginally) less than what Mercedes and Audi put in their hot hatchback these days. It is a shame, but the overall package of the upcoming M135i seems like the winner will still be wearing a BMW badge.

Which is just the way we like it. Oh by the way, the M135i will actually come with an xDrive option this time round.


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