Crashed F10 BMW M5

First accident involving F10 BMW M5 took place on the Autobahn

Not everything about the F10 BMW M5 is great news. After joyous reviews, immense happiness and remarkable performance we’re put in touch with the dark side of this car.

A new bit of news about is sad, borderline on tragic really as the first ever major accident involving one of these sport sedans.

Crashed F10 BMW M5
Crashed F10 BMW M5

It happened on the Autobahn, at tremendous speed and ended with two people seriously injured and a completely ruined BMW M5.

The incident occurred as the driver was going along at a speed of 186 mph and he had to swerve in order to avoid another motorist.

Thus, he hit the lane divider, was thrown back out of it, sent rolling over several times and eventually came to a halt on the grass just outside the Autobahn.

Crashed F10 BMW M5
Crashed F10 BMW M5

It is remarkable that under these conditions a 60 year old driver and a 20 year old passenger both survived. Naturally, they’re seriously injured but the important thing is that they’re alive.

Part of their survival is due to the great design and engineering that went into the road network in Germany and the passenger cell of the M5 and part of it is due to the conditions.

The F10 BMW M5’s driver was followed by two of his sons, one drove a BMW M6 and the other drove an M3. I wonder what’s the family’s favorite brand.

Crashed F10 BMW M5
Crashed F10 BMW M5

Both arrived on sight very fast and after the whole thing and used a fire extinguisher to control further damage and immediately called the authorities.

Sadly, the driver that made the mistake of getting in the way at such speeds has fled the scene of the accident and he’s yet to be identified.

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