BMW Lease Tips: The Best BMW Lease Deals On The Market

Solid Opinion, nothing beats a drop top for pure driving enjoyment, and this is something you’re certainly going to experience with BMW convertible models
But not only convertibles, if you’re looking to get your hands on some nice BMW models, a great way to achieve that is through leasing. There are various models you can get on lease; sedans, coupes, and hatchbacks.

BMW sedans are good options for leasing, they offer a lot of value to the drivers.

BMW SUVs are more popular for their flexibility and carrying abilities.

The coupes are ever better options for leasing as they provide a sportier and more stylish feel than the other BMW models. But whichever lease deal you want for your preferred BMW, make sure to check with your local dealers to confirm what you want.

If you’re yet to decide what lease deal you want to go for or which BMW you should get on a lease, these are some great options available when it comes to .

1. BMW 1 Series 118i SE 5dr

This is a great option for people looking to get a BMW lease deal. It is great for personal use and even better for business use for a variety of reasons:

– The level of CO2 emission across the board is decent.

– The vehicle also comes equipped with rear and front parking sensors together with cruise control feature.

– Users can easily adjust the sensitivity of the vehicle by adding the M sport suspension.

Lease deal for this model comes at a competitive price plus generous infotainment.

2. BMW i3 Hatchback 125kW 42kWh 5dr

Apart from the fact that you’ll be leasing an electric car, you’re buying into innovation and a futuristic way of life. It may sound like an exaggeration but it is not and I’m going to prove it with three main points.

is designed to reinforce the all-sustainable, all-electric vision and it has a better-finish than most of the other BMWs.

– The interior of this car is designed to the very best of tastes using compressed fibre trim doors, exposed carbon-fibre strips and natural woods upholstery with hand stitched leather.

– The car has a futuristic feel and provides a fantastic driving experience.

3. BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo Diesel 620d M-Sport 5dr

This vehicle is a great option for those who enjoy long road trips. This model is not only about sporty performance but it is also made for long cruises on continental roads and motorways.

– The model features a slimmer engine which run on diesel, there are also models on lease in the same series that feature petrol engines but diesel engines are better.

– The diesel engine provides plenty of pace and it pulls hard from low-end revs. This is ideal for long trips.

– It features a beautiful and well set out interiors and upholstery for maximum comfort and convenience.

4. BMW 5 Series Saloon 520i SE 4dr

One of the best things about leasing this car is the range-topping interior comfort it offers. But that’s not all you get from this model.

– Top-notch awesome infotainment system; pro multimedia system-as standard. This includes a massive widescreen display, SatNav, a 20GB hard drive and DAB radio.

– Users will also be connected to the various BMW online services.

– To crown it all, you also get to add more luxury to your taste with the options list.

5. BMW X1 Estate sDrive 18i 5dr

– Even though this model is only a bit larger than a Golf in width, the front space is equipped with more than enough headroom. Don’t worry, the back is still able to take a couple of kids and six-foot teenagers comfortably.

– Features a boot floor sitting flush to the loading entrance, so it is easier to on-load and offload items when and after shopping.

– The car is also fitted with an electric tailgate which can be easily opened by pressing a button on the key fob and closed with a button inside the boot.

6. BMW X5 Estate xDrive40i M-Sport 5dr

Obviously, there are other luxury SUVs out there with bigger boots, there are even other luxury SUVs in the market that gives you 7 seats standard as opposed to this model’s 5. But this car covers up for these lapses in different ways.

– The car offers extra low-down shove, better, sharper response, excellent handling and crazy strong acceleration.

– It also offers top-notch, impeccable performance, this model will see you hit the motorways speed in the blink of an eye.

– The car also features air suspensions to give extra comfort during the ride and if you want, you can choose an M sport suspension setup as an option.

7. BMW 3 Series Saloon 320i M-Sport 4dr

Gone are the days of giant car-phone cradles marking an executive taste and high level of car sophistication. There’s high demand for modern saloon cars that offer a wealth of comfort for the users. The BMW 3 saloon 3201M sport car for these demands.

– Its basic SE trim gives the user triple-zone climate control which includes a separate control for passengers at the rear seat.

– The car also features a rear-view camera, front and rear parking sensors and BMW automatic parking assistant.

– It also has a top-class standard infotainment system with touch controls and rotary operations

For well-qualified lessees, getting a car on a lease can be a great car financing alternative. Your dealer should be able to tell you about in-house financing options that will be advantageous or you.

Above all, make sure you do your homework and stay within your finances when evaluating deals and offers.


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