Video with BMW S1000RR acting on ice

I think these types of motorcycles are not fitting in this background or better said on the roads where you can really feel the winter. These types of motorcycles are made to roll on big speeds on really good roads and the roads where is a lot of snow these motorcycles are just not good enough for that.

Anyway, these guys are not so stupid to take these motorcycles just like this on snowed roads, they took some normal tires for this BMW S1000RR motorcycle and they spiked them so that they will have no problems with them on that type of road.

Excepting the thing that this BMW S1000RR with spiked wheels can have some really normal performances on snowed roads, this type of tires are also giving to this BMW S1000RR a much more aggressive look. I guess that the funniest thing to see at this BMW S1000RR with spiked tires is while it is making burnouts.


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