BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 – The Urban Mobility of the Future

Even if Motorrad is BMW`s hardcore division that creates great bikes, it seems that it is in tune with the growing mobility trend and started to create exquisite all sorts of electric means of transport that would ease the way people commute in the urban areas.

One such fine example is the recently launched Motorrad Definition CE 04, which might be regarded as the perfect electric mobility in the scooter segment. Its design is mind-blowing, while its architecture sets the new trend in urban mobility.

As BMW Group recently declared in a statement, the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 is viewed as a link between present and future, or the analogue and digital worlds of the urban user. Speaking of unique architecture and exquisite design, Alexander Buchan, CEO at BMW Motorrad, also declared:

“We have managed to transfer many innovative elements and details of the concept into the series. The technical realities of electric drive – such as the flat energy packs in the underfloor and the compact drive train – allow us to create a highly distinctive design which defines a new, urban aesthetic and which differentiates itself clearly from conventional styling. A design that follows the basic needs for simple functionality, clear aesthetics and the digital reality today`s users live in. The new architecture has led to a visual revolution and has produced many new design themes. Maybe it will polarise, but it will definitely stand out.”

From a visual perspective, the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 breaks the conventional boundaries and adopts a whole new design language. We are dealing here with an elongated body that is closer to the ground than any other conventional scooters. The high-class feel is also given by the sharp edges around the surface, with a front end that rises diagonally and which creates a more muscular attitude. Underbody, the battery is flat, allowing for more storage that can be opened from the side. This means easier access to the drivers helmet or other light equipment. The battery`s size also makes the scooter more stability, enabling increased handling and driving dynamics.

However, there is more than meets the eye; besides the exquisite design, the 2020 BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 also offers a lot of connectivity features, thus focusing on user-friendly and practical solutions for the driver. All this offers the perfect balance between comfort, safety, and the thrill of driving. Once you turn on the key, your smartphone is directly connected to the bike`s 10.25-inch display which allows you to perform different actions. This is the largest display ever built in this segment and which perfectly defines the link between analogue and digital. Speaking of performing different actions.

You can find out more about the Definition CE 04 in the press release, as well as in the media gallery displayed below!

Source: BMW Group


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