How about a BMW Sport Bike with M Performance Parts?

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You got that right. BMW recently announced the introduction of the M Performance Parts on some of its newest bikes.

The reason is pretty simple and quite obvious. The M goodies not only sheds off significant weight but it also improves handling and driving characteristics, and thus enhances performance.

The first lucky bike to benefit from such special treatment is the S 1000 RR sport bike, now in its third-generation. The bike comes stock with less weight than the previous generation, and the adding of M goodies would make it even more lightweight. Hence the series of advantages of the M Performance Parts.

About the introduction of the M Performance Parts on the BMW A 1000 RR, Claudio De Mortino, team leader of Vehicle Technology t BMW Motorrad, has also mentioned:

“Our fascinating brief was to take the predecessor model – which has been a dominating force in all disciplines for 10 years – and significantly improve on its performance. This we translated into straightforward targets: one second faster on the track, more than 10 kg lighter and easier to control. The result is a fascinating new motorcycle that exceeds the targets we set ourselves and will once again set the benchmark.”

To back up what De Mortino stated, we will detailed the sport bike`s performance. It uses a tuned engine which represents an 8 horsepower increase, for a maximum of 203 horsepower in Europe. In the United States, the engine develops 202 horsepower. As for lightweight characteristics, the BMW S 1000 RR with M Performance Parts now weighs 193.5 kg, which is quite an improvement from the stock 197 kg. Also, notable is the second-generation`s weight of 208 kg.

The bike`s M package brings fresh a new motorsport paintjob, along with M lightweight battery, M Chassis Kit with rear ride heights adjustment and swing-arm pivot, as well as M sport seat and M carbon fiber wheels. There is also the Pro Mode now available and which improves the bike`s handling characteristics on the track, way far advanced than the ongoing Race Mode.

You can admire the gorgeous BMW S 1000 RR with M Performance Parts in the media gallery below! Do you find it as appealing as an M-sourced sports car? Please leave your opinions in the comment section!


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