BMW will invest big money in South Africa Rosslyn Plant

BMW South Africa Rosslyn Plant

BMW will do a great thing and will invest 2.2 bl. $ in the South Africa’s Rosslyn Plant. Once they have increased production, they will build faster the cars and secondly, they can now offer more jobs for poor people in South Africa while expanding the plant. In the South Africa’s Rosslyn Plant is building 3 Series for the people around Rosslyn Plant and they also export 3 Series cars to U.S.A., Canada and other markets.

Once with investment, they have also a bigger term: from 60,000 units per year to 87,000 units per year. Overall, they increased the production with 45%. The sales are growing each year around 19.5 percent so the investment was more than necessary otherwise they wouldn’t made at time each command.

Anyway, this is the website of South Africa’s Rosslyn Plant. Probably the citizens from South Africa doesn’t have so much money so they export 75 percent from the BMW 3 Series production at Rosslyn Plant.


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[…] According to Bobby Hitt, the new shifts and 700 workers were added to South Carolina BMW Plant as a direct result to the year end market. In September, the BMW sales increased with 3.6 percent so this is probably the main fact that influenced this upgrade. In the past time, we saw how BMW sales grew up because they also invested big money in the South Africa BMW’s Plant; you can read the full article about that  here. […]

9 years ago

This plant produces around 53,000 units per year. The car is so popular in South Africa, around 39,000 units are sold in South Africa per year.

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