Spy Photos: 2011 BMW X3

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2011 BMW X3

A period of time, we saw no spy pictures; but now, the internet is full with 2011 BMW X3 spy photos. If you ask what is 2011 BMW X3 I will tell you. The model from these pictures is a facelift of BMW X3 that is about to come in next few years. Again, the release date is not set at all. On the internet I read that it will be released somewhere between 2010 and 2012 but anyone knows that.

If you want to see the changes between the facelift and the old BMW X3 I recommend you to watch the last photo from this post. I didn’t realised but now I see: the 2011 BMW X3 is larger than the old BMW X3 model.  The new BMW X1 will probably replace BMW X3 so that’s why they want to build a facelift of BMW X3: to make it larger and to be much different and better than BMW X1; same is the price.

At this point, from these spy pictures I can not see the changes that were made but when I’ll see an uncovered model, I’ll can say more about 2011 BMW X3.

2011 BMW X32011 BMW X32011 BMW X3


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