2013 BMW X1

BMW announces epic September sales

Somebody at BMW sales department is well on their way for a major Christmas bonus. After getting word from China about their sales, they’ve now rounded up the totals.

The results are simply put as BMW’s best September sales ever so they have decent reason to be proud of their work last month, don’t they?

2013 BMW X1
2013 BMW X1

This new record stands at 177.716 vehicles sold worldwide, thus an increase of 11.6 percent compared to the same month of 2011.

This month, coupled with plenty of other successes we’ve seen so far have BMW looking at their best first nine months so far.

Hard numbers speak of a considerably chunky 8.3 percent improvement over 2011’s first nine months and, so far, BMW have shifted a total of 1.335.502 units.

2013 BMW X1
2013 BMW X1

This includes the BMW sub-brands but as Mini is still growing and Rolls Royce hardly sell a few cars these days, you know where the bulk of sales exists.

Actual BMW products have come to 146.843 units with Mini managing to sell 30.562 units and, finally, Rolls Royce managed to chip in with 2326 units.

Unsurprisingly these days, the star seller is the X1 mini crossover.

The remaining 10.000 units sold come from BMW’s motorcycle divisions. The BMW two-wheel products are actually down by 1.1% but Husqvarna ones are up by 21 percent.

2013 BMW X1
2013 BMW X1

Or at least those are the stats for the nine month situation because September itself is pretty much the other way round with +7% and -7.1% respectively.

At the end of the day, these are mere details. The important part is that BMW sales are doing great, putting the company in great shape for the future.


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