E31 BMW 850i

Another classic BMW up for sale – E31 850i

Shortly after the 1988 BMW M1 supercar was put up for sale in mint condition, another classic bimmer turned up online ready to find a new home.

The car in question this time is somewhat less dramatic, less exclusive and yet still loaded with style, presence and driving performance.

E31 BMW 850i
E31 BMW 850i

We’re talking about a 1991 BMW 850i, a car with basically twice the engine in the aforementioned supercar. There’s another driving highlight here.

Even though we’re talking about an enormous two door coupe with some seriously luxurious toys inside, there’s still some speed and cornering abilities to brag about.

The 5.4 liter V12 engine under its bonnet develops 322 horsepower, all of which are sent to the rear wheels through, get this, a six speed manual gearbox.

E31 BMW 850i
E31 BMW 850i

It’s painted silver, a color that is a little boring but on the brighter side it never ages. Speaking of time going by, it just flew by this 8 Series.

According to the service records, no more than 11.440 miles have been traveled in this sweet ride. That and the amazing condition is how the owner wants to justify the price tag.

He’s asking for $47.500 (or maybe the website handling it is) which is a little steep. There are a few interesting examples going for half the price.

E31 BMW 850i
E31 BMW 850i

It is a great car, very advanced for the time and still modern today but at that money it’s not very attractive.

Let’s not forget that even though it has goodies like traction control, climate control, fully electric everything and all that, it’s still a 21 year old car.

As seen on DMG


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10 years ago

Nice car, but not with the proper wheels (these are AC Schnitzer) and the engine is the M70B50 version, meaning 5.0 litres, not 5.4 (M73B54 arrived in 1995)

Can you do an article about my car? I have a rare E23 745i for sale, Burgundy Red with Buffalo Leather Anthracite for just USD 8000,- (7000 euros). It has done a bit more miles though (184000)

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