1988 BMW M1

Very rare 1978 BMW M1 turns up for sale

Are you in the market for buying a used BMW? That’s great, there’s plenty to chose from and there’s plenty of dealer approved models too.

Are you in the market for collecting BMW models? In that case the news in store today is going to be excellent for you.

1988 BMW M1
1988 BMW M1

A BMW M1 has just turned up for sale. Not a 1M Coupe, the original car that kicked Porsche back down and the one that kicked the M Division into existence.

The M1 has a troubled story, it never managed to reach the height of its intended achievement. This is why it was soon forgotten by the motoring world.

This particular example was built in 1988 and it is one of just 456 ever to come into existence. Further more, it’s one of the most cared after cars of the range.

1988 BMW M1
1988 BMW M1

The 1988 BMW M1 in question only has 2.200 miles on the clock so there’s still a lot of life left in this garage toy.

I for one don’t really get car collecting, the holding back on driving and keeping such amazing vehicles away from the public but when it comes to auction something like this off it might be worth it.

The website currently advertising it belongs to Austin Texas dealer Motoreum who haven’t really unveiled any price or at least a reserve.

1988 BMW M1
1988 BMW M1

The traditional “call for price” annoys us and probably pleases the owner of this gem of a straight six cylinder engine in the middle of the M1.

You don’t get Giugiaro design, BMW engines and Lamborghini involvement in a mid engined supercar too often.


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Cole McCarthy
Cole McCarthy
10 years ago

Buyer beware!!!! Car is not as described. As of Aug. 7 2012, vehicle has no proof of mileage car has been completely repaintedand is non matching numbers. Only documents are from 1997 when car was brought from Germany to Mexico. Video of the car driving in Mexico is avaliable on line
Just type in the chassis number. Undercarriage looks like it has been spray painted. Very suspect!


Rick Deckard
Rick Deckard
10 years ago

Cole is right! Car is a roach. Mileage is suspect. Total repaint. Not original engine. I had it checked out by a classic BMW expert and it is entirely not as described. Since the M88 engine was used in a few later cars the motor might not even be from a M1. Sad, since these great cars come up for sale so infrequently.

And just to clarify, the BMW M1 was only built from 1978-1981. No such thing as a 1988 M1.

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