F80 BMW M3 spyshot

F80 BMW M3 spied on the road

The most interesting bit of the F30 BMW 3 Series lineup will soon be the unveiled and it won’t even be wearing the same internal name.

It will be called the F80 and it will probably be awesome. Before it happens though, there’s a lot of testing going on before it’s ready.

F80 BMW M3 spyshot
F80 BMW M3 spyshot

The folks at KGP Photography managed to snap a few shots of the F80 BMW M3 going through the desert testing stage. This is where the most important stress tests come in.

Death Valley has a way with dishing out the heat but when going through the desert in a turbocharged car with quite a lot of power.

Even if the testers go through the event with a little more common sense than us M3 freaks would if we had a chance at it, they’re still taking a chance with the prototype.

F80 BMW M3 spyshot
F80 BMW M3 spyshot

What is important about the F80 and the shots it was caught in this time is the fact that more of the front end was visible this time.

The lower part of the front bumper is more opened up than the F30 standard sedan which is understandable given the conditions and the need for improved cooling.

With these images the rear end of the F80 is also available. The sporty sedan looks a lot more like the sedan than the previous version.

F80 BMW M3 spyshot
F80 BMW M3 spyshot

Which could end up giving the new F80 BMW M3 a better chance at being a sleeper performance car rather than the obvious predecessor.


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