The BMW 8 Series Coupe Spied During Street Testing

The BMW 8 Series Coupe is the crown jewel in the German brand’s vehicle lineup. The vehicle exudes luxury and class like no other, but having said that, BMW believes in making something that is great even better.

The 8 Series is getting a new makeover and it has been spotted during testing with a camouflaged front fascia. The sporty coupe was spotted on the public roads somewhere in Germany. From the pictures, it is evident that the car will have a tweaked grille and bumper. The headlights might get a slight brush-up but we can’t say for sure until further pictures are released.


The Coupe’s cousin the Gran Coupe was spotted a few days earlier and it had a similar camo covering its front-end. However, the coupe’s entire bumper is covered whereas the GC version had a slight opening in the middle to allow the adaptive cruise control sensor to work.

The rear-end of the two vehicles is also similarly covered with camo. The rear bumper looks to be slightly different from last year’s model and the taillights give off a different vibe.


The news regarding the powertrain is still a bit scarce. The new model is expected to run the same roster of engines as before with some minor changes to the output. The 8 Series Coupe is sportier, meaning BMW might add a few horses to the mix but European emission standards might not allow that to happen.

The BMW 8 Series Coupe facelift will come out early next year as the 2022 model.     


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