BMW left turn assistant

BMW to extend its driver assistant range with two new systems

The Bavarians from BMW are continuously looking forward to increase the driver and passengers’ safety through a range of safety systems able to prevent any accidents. The driver assistance systems play a very important role, therefore, BMW seeks to provide at least a preventing system for any possible threatening situation.

BMW left turn assistant
BMW left turn assistant

Even the two systems that we are talking about are still under development, the first one can be easily implemented into the current models while the second one which implies car-to-car communication still needs some time as it requires a special infrastructure.

The left turn assistant is the first one presented by BMW today, a system which determines when the driver attempts to make the turn and by using sensors alongside the navigation system will warn the driver if a vehicle is detected within a range of 100 meters. If there is any danger of collision, the system will warn the driver through a special sound and also a Head-Up Display warning, automatically triggering the brakes in order to avoid a possible accident.

BMW left turn assistant
BMW left turn assistant

BMW also mentions that the left turn assistant will not produce excessive deceleration as the system is designed to work at speeds of up to 10 km/h while the driver can override the system and take full control of the situation by shortly tapping the acceleration. This is also a key feature because in certain conditions, the new left turn assistant can cause problems instead of helping the driver.

Moving on, BMW introduces a more advanced system, named Car-to-x, a driver assistant which will facilitate the communication between vehicles. This system uses WLAN technology and increases the range to 250 meters, making the driving significantly safer. However, this system cannot be suddenly implemented as, in order to work, both vehicles have to be fitted with this Car-to-x communication system.

BMW Car-to-x communication system
BMW Car-to-x communication system

When two vehicles fitted with this technology are coming from opposite directions, the communication system will exchange information such as the type of vehicle, speed, position and steering angle. The system will also read the driver’s decision to turn off to the left, also by considering if the indicators are activated, and then give the permission to turn left if the situation favors him. The same story applies to the other vehicle fitted with this technology, this system ensuring a perfect timing between the vehicles and will eliminate the possibility of an accident.

BMW Car-to-x communication system
BMW Car-to-x communication system

BMW will introduce the left turn assistant on May 17th, at INTERSAFE 2 in Wolfsburg, an event that is part of the PReVENT project where manufacturers such as Volvo, Volkswagen and BMW are working together to implement new safety solutions.

Source: BMW


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