BMW’s M Division builds Carbon Racer bicycle

BMW released today details on a new creation but this time it is about a two-wheel vehicle. The Germans from BMW decided to reveal the new M Carbon Racer, an innovative racing bicycle developed together with the M division, the specialized team in developing high performance versions of the models in range.

BMW M Carbon Racer bike
BMW M Carbon Racer bike

Starting June this year, you will be able to order the BMW M Carbon Racer from any dealership around but the price is still unknown. However, the Germans promise that you wouldn’t regret the decision as the new bicycle packs latest technology in the domain.

As its name says, BMW’s bicycle is built using carbon fiber and weighs just 7,4 kilograms, the lightweight structure offering both rigidity and optimum weight. Being a racer in its full meaning, the M Carbon Racer is fitted with high performance Shimano Ultegra gears, translating this into automotive terms, it means that you get a very quick gearbox.

BMW M Carbon Racer bike
BMW M Carbon Racer bike

Thanks to the carbon fiber lightweight and shock absorber structure, the new BMW M Carbon Racer is a truly achievement and reflects 60 years of experience in bicycle manufacturing.


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Gary B. Watts
Gary B. Watts
6 years ago

I didn’t know bmw had a bicycle on the market. I like the style & the look I wonder if your BMW bicycle is affordble. Nice looking bike thank you (Gary B.Watts).

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