BMW 6-Cylinder M3 Engine – production stops

BMW 6-Cylinder M3 Engine

The people from BMW have made the announcement that the BMW 6-Cylinder M3 Engine will no longer be produced.

Many BMW fans really liked this engine and they would wish for the production never to stop, but this is obviously not possible. Even the new BMW Z4 will be using a different engine, the new 6-Cylinder from BMW. I am sure that the people from BMW have other plans for the future and that the BMW 6-Cylinder M3 Engine will be replaced by other powerful machines. It is kind of sad for those who got used with this motor in particular, but they can always buy the old version of the BMW Z4 and take it for a spin.

Please notice the picture of a complete BMW 6-Cylinder M3 Engine, but disassembled.


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