2010 BMW 5 Series

2010 BMW 5 Series

Thanks to the people from we can take a look at the 2010 BMW 5 Series. Or at least a part of it.

This is the only picture that leaked from BMW and it is surely the genuine front bumper of the new 5 Series. The major difference is the low and wide air intake. Besides this, we can’t really tell much from one picture. We will surely get a clearer idea when new spy photos of the 2010 BMW 5 Series will appear, but we can’t know for sure when this will happen. And the moment, BMW is guarding the secret pretty well and the car has been spotted several times, but you can’t really see anything through the heavy camouflage.

A picture of the top of the headlights would be more useful in figuring out how the car will look, but this will probably take time.


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[…] a article about the next generation BMW 5 Series’ front bumper that we posted it a few months ago, we said: “This is the only picture that leaked from BMW […]

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