BMW will reveal all specs for the F26 X4 model in 3 days

Some car makers out there are a bit tired of the old terminology regarding vehicle class, and want to spruce things up by “inventing” new categories.

This is the case of the F26 BMW X4, which the manufacturer deemed beyond the simple SUV class, and instead called it a SAC (sports activity coupe) both to set itself apart and to better define the vehicle.

F26 BMW X4

F26 BMW X4

Initially, BMW wanted to release the X4 at the New York Auto Show which will open its doors in April, but for undisclosed reason, the Germans moved it up to the 6th of March. Truly this is a reason for joy, as the model is one of the most anticipated Bimmers after the 2 Series, 4 Series and the i models.

And while we are grateful for the early release of the F26 BMW X4, we can’t help but wonder why the radical change of heart from BMW. Of the top of my head, I would think that either they are preparing something ever better for the New York Auto Show or they were running the risk of information leaking out about the X4.


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