Carbon fiber

BMW planning full carbon fiber wheels

It seems that car maker BMW has really struck gold with their new carbon fiber technologies, with plenty future projects lined up.

One such project involves a full carbon fiber wheel rim, and we should expect it to arrive somewhere in the next 2 years.

Carbon fiber
Carbon fiber

In truth, this is not really a world first, but that isn’t the main selling point of the product. With their carbon fiber plant expanding, BMW is ready to apply their cheaper technology to a wider array of parts, wheels included. And their plans don’t stop there.

Recently they have also developed a full carbon fiber steering wheel as well as a one-piece propeller shaft, and along side the full carbon fiber wheels they will also build an alloy / carbon hybrid. These new wheels are not only lighter, but as BMW officials state, they are also tougher, scrapes being easier to polish out. i can’t wait until aftermarket specialists get a hold of this technology.


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