BMW Olympic Park Pavilion

Olympic Park Pavilion for London 2012 Games unveiled by BMW

When BMW unveils anything, we expect it to be a car. There’s a good chance the unveiling is a new motorcycle and occasionally a bike, but that’s about it.

This time however, they’ve unveiled a new building. Further making things unusual, it’s not a state of the art factory or some incredible dealership.

BMW Olympic Park Pavilion
BMW Olympic Park Pavilion

It’s called the Olympic Park Pavilion and it actually comes close to the latter but you can’t genuinely buy a car there so it’s still hard to pinpoint.

The very particular looking new building is quite the architectural achievement, similarly to the way the cars it houses are engineering achievements.

Obviously, the cars inside are BMW (in other words, the world’s) finest. The upcoming BMW i8 hybrid supercar concept is there for a kick off.

BMW Olympic Park Pavilion
BMW Olympic Park Pavilion

It’s there alongside its little brother, the i3 hybrid hatchback and the more familiar F30 3 Series, now available in Touring form as well and some other models.

There’s no BMW without the 5 Series so a couple of F10 models are there as well as the recently updated 7 Series limousine.

In the meantime, some special display areas and quite a bit of floor space have been reserved in order to showcase the driving pleasure of the Bavarian brand’s products as well as the EfficientDynamics projects.

BMW Olympic Park Pavilion
BMW Olympic Park Pavilion

What does this have to do with the 2012 London Olympic Games? Nothing really, but as BMW is one of the major sponsors of the event, they just went to town on the idea.

We don’t see anybody complaining and we’re certainly not going to cry about the Bavarians showing off their products.


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