Leaked Images Showcase New 2017 5-Series as the Star for the Upcoming BMW`s Film “The Escape”

It has been a while since we last saw a short action film released by BMW, but the leaked images below reveal that the German carmaker is back in the business with an upcoming film called “The Escape”, set to debut on the 23rd of October!

Besides the plethora of Hollywood stars that will be featuring BMW`s short film is also the presence of the newly unveiled 2017 5 Series Sedan, the model getting its piece of the action in lots of exciting scenes.

Almost all the action revolves around the new 5 Sedan, with the actors themselves being involved in wild chasing scenes. As we can see in the leaked images below, Dakota Fanning, a Hollywood rising star, is seen quickly jumping into the back of the car, while Clive Owen receives information on the radio, before getting inside the car in what seems to follow a thrilling chase downtown.

There are other moments that highlight the strong character and personality of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan, like shootings and car crashes, or stunning car driving abilities from Clive Owen`s stunt driver which seems to safely avoid danger behind the wheel of the gorgeous 5 Series.

Other stars to be highlighted in BMW`s short action film “The Escape” are Jon Bernthal and Vera Farmiga, also seen in other famous Hollywood films. The film`s title is actually a reference to the 5 Series Sedan`s exquisite design, the latest technology inside and impressive driving capabilities that the model is coming with. Let`s not forget the car`s amazing power and standout engine soundtrack.


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