BMW Nedcar

BMW to start product in the Netherlands

The Dutch BMW fans might get a special treat in soon as the Bavarians are currently negotiating starting production there at an older plant.

The plant in question is the one the Japanese at Mitsubishi are using at Nedcar. Mitsubishi will be stopping production there by the end of the year.

BMW Nedcar
BMW Nedcar

Once that happens, BMW will be taking over the plant, closing it down, retooling for their own production and get will get moving on the actual production bit.

There had been some rumors about the idea of BMW getting in on the Nedcar plant for about a couple of weeks now and weirdly, the German company denied them all.

Perhaps the negotiations would have been influenced by additional investor interest or something like that. It does strike us as a little odd since Mitsubishi are the sole owners of the plant for 11 years now.

BMW Nedcar
BMW Nedcar

We should also point out that while BMW did buy the plant it was actually the BMW Group and not the actual car maker.

Once the production actually restarts, it will most likely be Mini products that are going to be made at that plant as the company keeps on expanding.

The BMW spokesperson isn’t very kind with words and while he’s not yet ready to confirm the way the deal is going, he’s bearing good news.

BMW Nedcar
BMW Nedcar

If everything goes as well as it’s currently apparent, it would mean that the Dutch plant’s employees will be very happy to know they are going to keep their jobs.

See, this is how the good news actually feel. It’s not all about sports cars and engineering success.


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