BMW X4 rendering

BMW X4 renders of speculation

As we know, we don’t exactly live in a world of supercars. We don’t really live in a world of green econoboxes either and nor do we see executive saloons everywhere.

These days, just about everybody seems to be making some sort of SUV, SAV, crossover or any hybrid contraption in between them.

BMW X4 rendering
BMW X4 rendering

We know that sometime in about two years BMW will introduce something that looks like the render above. A new model that’ll likely be called the BMW X4.

Picking up some of the slack off the demand the BMW X6 SAV can’t keep up with, the new car coupe look-a-like crossover will be closer in size to the X3.

When it hits the market, the new bimmer would be a main rival for genuinely sporty looking crossovers such as the Range Rover Evoque and Porsche’s upcoming Cajun Macan.

F25 BMW X3
F25 BMW X3

In terms of performance, we’ll likely see the BMW X4 behave a lot like the X3 but with a bit of a more aerodynamic and lighter body, things are looking up.

What might make a considerable difference on that front, apart from the choice of engine, will be the choice of transmission.

BMW will reportedly offer a six speed manual, a seven speed dual clutch and the eight speed auto. Each will behave differently.

F25 BMW X3
F25 BMW X3

I’m not the BMW X6′ biggest fan but I have to say, if this rendering turns out to be accurate, the X4 could be quite a sweet looker. Even if a bit like Lamborghini Urus.

When it does come to the market, BMW expects to sell the X4 big time, this is why the Spartanburg production plant will be churning out more than 150.000 units per year.


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