BMW i8 LEGO replica

BMW i8 Concept replica made from LEGO

While most of us are worried interested in the BMW i8 production version, somebody within the company decided to show interest in something a little more fun with the concept.

With a little imagination, a lot of work and a considerable sponsorship cheque being signed by BMW the toy company’s events.

BMW i8 LEGO replica
BMW i8 LEGO replica

The BMW i8 Concept replica was built as part of the LEGO Kids Fest event and will stay on display for a few days.

Unlike most such cases, the display of the oversized toy will not be in one of the LEGO Kids Fest locations or even at the toy maker’s headquarters.

The Danish company got together with the Bavarians and agreed that this special life-size replica of the BMW i8 Concept should be put in display at their home base in Munich.

BMW i8 LEGO replica
BMW i8 LEGO replica

After all, the show that gathered all the bricks and kids to build it actually took place in the fabled city of our favorite manufacturer.

Moving the BMW i8 Concept LEGO replica was certainly not that bi an issue. Though it is a funny little toy and resembles the real deal, I’m not very impressed.

It’s not because the time or money spent here would best be used actually developing the car and bringing it to the market quicker but because I don’t think it’s that good looking.

BMW i8 LEGO replica
BMW i8 LEGO replica

Obviously there are some limitations dictated by materials and unqualified builders but I reckon a smaller model could have looked slightly better.

Source: Carscoop


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10 years ago

hoi gek

9 years ago

i love BMW & i work with company it my dream.

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