BMW i8 rendering

Production version of BMW i8 rendered

The BMW i8’s time in concept stage is coming to an end. The production version of the hybrid supercar is bearing down on the final stages of development.

This must be the sort of motivation that gave Sonny Lim the inspiration to come up with some pretty realistic renderings of what the final version of the i8 will look like.

BMW i8 rendering
BMW i8 rendering

Sonny Lim is a designer who actually knows his way round the Bavarian brand, as he was senior designer for BMW DesignWorks.

The second you take a look at the renderings you realize that you’re dealing with the BMW i8. Which is a great thing, the design language is still there.

Some of the edges have been smoothed out and some of the lines are missing but that’s simply for practical reasons.

BMW i8 rendering
BMW i8 rendering

After all, the car needs to be produced, it needs to meet certain production tools and mold tolerances and, of course, it needs to meet certain pedestrian legislation standards.

Underneath the look we find that the production version of the BMW i8 we find a slightly shorter wheelbase and it’s estimated to weigh in at just under 3.200 pounds.

Don’t worry though, the 1.5 liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine unit and an electric motor combo is still there. It’s still going to be rated at a smudge under 400 horsepower and just over 400 lb-ft of torque.

BMW i8 rendering
BMW i8 rendering

Overall, in terms of proportions and original principles, the BMW i8 will remain the same as the concept.

The actual specifications and such may be slightly different but we’re almost certain the changes will be minute and that none of them will be easily spotted.


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