BMW i4 Concept (2)

The Fully-Electric BMW i4 Concept – The new Tesla’s nightmare

It is quite annoying to initiate every electric car story with a mention of Tesla Model 3 or other New Tesla Models. But this is going to be vanished and conceptualized differently from now on. BMW is introducing an all-new concept of fully-electric BMW i4 which is a compact saloon, will come up with a superb range, productivity, as well as, elegancy and vibrant look, and gut-spinning acceleration.

BMW i4 concept is a show car and may not make greater sales, but it is more than enough to destroy Tesla’s reputation as a sweeping partner of the electric car industry.
BMW claims to generate 530-horsepower out of this all-electric concept i4’s electric motors and could reach up to 0-62 mph in just 4 seconds. That is simply marvelous. This is going to be a nightmare for Tesla s BMW states that i4 Concept put some numbers in a place that could make it competitive in a market that is dominated by Tesla for quite a while. This i4 concept is a part of the plan of selling 25 electrified vehicle models by 2023.

BMW claims that this i4 concept vehicle has the potential to reach a top speed of at least 124 mph, with an EPA estimated range of 270 miles on the 80-kWh battery pack. But some reliable estimates show the range at about 373 miles on this 80 kWh battery pack.
The fully-electric BMW i4 concept vehicle is claimed to have BMW’s generation-5 electrical systems that are identical as will be used in electric versions of the X3 crossover. With these shreds of evidence and numbers, The BMW concept i4 beats the Tesla Model 3 in various prospects except the top speed. The i4 Concept beats Tesla Model 3 concerning range and prospects of reaching 0-62 mph in 4 seconds as compared to 5.3 seconds for Tesla Model 3.


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