2014 BMW i8 spied

2014 BMW i8 spied at speed

It seems we’re getting quite the number of spyshots lately and after the series of snaps we got of the i3 and the M135i, we now get something that little bit special.

We’re looking at the 2014 BMW i8 which was spied round the same sort of track like location as the i3, only this time it was looking that little less serious.

2014 BMW i8 spied
2014 BMW i8 spied

Sure, it’s important to test winter driving, how the car’s engine reacts to very low temperatures and how the batteries cope with the tricky conditions but that’s not all a car can do in the winter.

As you can see in some of these shots, the BMW i8 tested here is happily hooning it around the improvised circuit just for the fun of it.

Sadly, this unit of the BMW i8 is so covered in camouflage somebody might easily lose it in the parking lot at a child daycare. Seriously, there’s so much camo on that thing it’s amazing to see the windows aren’t covered.

2014 BMW i8 spied
2014 BMW i8 spied

Anyway, the pictures are worth enjoying and the snapshots have refreshed our memories about how the BMW i8 is getting ever closer to a market release.

With a predicted turn up next year, the mid-engined supercar featuring electric motors and what’s rated as the best mix between a green and high performance future.

2014 BMW i8 spied
2014 BMW i8 spied

Pricing, availability, practicality are still up for discussion but whatever those stats come in at, you know you’ll want one, if not for anything else, for the fun exhibited here.

Source: Autoevolution


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