2013 BMW F21 M135i

2013 BMW F21 M135i spied

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The BMW 1 Series M Coupe is going to be produced in limited numbers and the recently arrived F20 1 Series lineup doesn’t have a replacement model ready for it yet.

Yet may be just the right term to use when mentioning it since those cheeky spy photographers have recently caught the follow up model of the 1 Series M135i.

2013 BMW F21 M135i
2013 BMW F21 M135i

It’s been rumored around for some time now and it’s definitely an eagerly awaited car but what really matters here is just what the recently spied model can lead up to.

As I’m sure some of you remember, the E81 1 Series also had one of these models brought along as a range topper, just before the 1 M Coupe came along.

We can only hope BMW will make a followup model to their most exciting car at the moment but meanwhile let’s grab a closer look at the M135i.

2013 BMW F21 M135i
2013 BMW F21 M135i

The engine is still the brilliant inline six cylinder 3.0 liter twin turbo we’ve seen in other models. Some 320-330 horsepower will be available and torque is roughly in the same margins.

Unlike the previous model, this one comes with a few different ideas. For starters, there’s word on more body styles available, which can always be fun.

Secondly, this 2013 BMW M135i has something of the xDrive all wheel drive system about it. What this means is that the Bavarians are really expanding availability of products on their small hatchback.

2013 BMW F21 M135i
2013 BMW F21 M135i

As for the spyshots, they pretty much speak for themselves and are finally of the rare variety that feature very little camouflage to cover up its specific details.

Source: Bimmertoday


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