BMW i3 Winter testing spyshots

BMW i3 spied in winter testing, again

For a big part of the world, the winter season has barely started showing its fangs but in the northern countries winter testing facilities are almost permanent.

That’s how the Paparazzi of the automotive world have managed to snap some more shots of the BMW i3 as it is being tested in these harsh conditions.

BMW i3 Winter testing spyshots
BMW i3 Winter testing spyshots

It’s not the first encounter we get with the spyshots of the BMW i3, nor is it the first time it’s been spotted along side a winter background but these pictures make a good case for viewing.

Firstly, this time the BMW i3 EV REx wasn’t spotted on a road or in simple conditions but rather lapping a bit of a circuit outlined in the snow.

This means that even though we’re looking at an i Range product, one that’s meant to save the world first, BMW is still concerned about the way it drives.

BMW i3 Winter testing spyshots
BMW i3 Winter testing spyshots

It should come as no surprise really. If BMW managed to make the enormous barge that is the Phantom handle decently and the small Mini handle beautifully, there’s nothing they can’t do in this area.

As for the rest of the BMW i3, there’s nothing new going on. It looks about the same, is still heavily camouflaged every time it’s out and there’s no change in its schedule or future plans.

We’re still expecting an official market launch sometime in early 2013 with the REx version destined to follow shortly after that.

BMW i3 Winter testing spyshots
BMW i3 Winter testing spyshots

On the sales front, BMW still hope to sell some 30.000 units a year once the i3 gets past the initial sluggishness of distribution and so on.

Images via Autoevolution


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