i Range BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series may join the i Range

For all its ambition, freshness and amazement, the BMW i Range still has a few chinks in its armor. Whatever the viewing angle you cannot circumvent the fact that there’s not that much of a range going on.

You have the small, very efficient i3 city car and then you have the technological flagship that is the BMW i8 without anything in between.

i Range BMW 7 Series
i Range BMW 7 Series

That between bit is quite a consistent one and it seems like the BMW 7 Series we see here may be the first new car to make up for it.

The model spied here looks a lot like a regular BMW 7 Series, has pretty much the same body and the same size but there’s something a little odd about it.

Even though this wears the BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid badge, it’s still not enough to properly enter the ranks of the i Range. For that, this spied BMW 7 series has a different trick to showcase.

i Range BMW 7 Series
i Range BMW 7 Series

Those very thin (for a luxury barge that big) tires, the unusual wheels and the look of the braking system underneath could actually mean that there’s some serious modifications going on.

Perhaps even enough to see the BMW 7 Series in these pictures drop the ActiveHybrid lettering altogether and settle for something from the i Range.

i Range BMW 7 Series
i Range BMW 7 Series

As you’d imagine, this is all nothing more than speculation. BMW gave no confirmation of this being what we think but they do want to make such a car.

And with a projected release time of less than two years the BMW i7 could hit the market just in time to fight off the newcomers such as Tesla’s Model S or the Fisker Karma.


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