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BMW to Reconsider a Wider “I” Range of Electric Cars

BMW to Reconsider a Wider “I” Range of Electric Cars

Rumors stated that due to the first model which managed to surpass expectations of selling more than 11,000 units worldwide since November, the BMW automaker is said to expand the range of the i-branded electric range. But the production chief at BMW, Harald Krueger, said that the company won`t be […]

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8 years ago
BMW i lineup

BMW CEO confirms efforts on electric car development

In the past BMW have won quite a few awards for various achievements related to their business. Though I’m a big fan of the engine of the year ones, the favorite is else were. The constant stream of sustainability titles is what I love the Bavarians for. Essentially, they’re not […]

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9 years ago
BMW i3

BMW to sell cars online soon?

BMW are doing a lot of stuff to increase sales these days and it’s natural. For a couple of years now, Audi have been breathing down their necks. Now that Mercedes, Lexus and Cadillac have turned the action up, the Bavarians have a lot of work to do in order […]

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BMW ActiveE Experiences shared

People who will be interested in BMW cars, love electrically powered vehicles and can’t wait to get their hands on the i Range, will have gotten themselves signed up for one of these. It’s the BMW ActiveE and it’s now been around for enough time to allow people to form […]

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BMW i3 Concept

BMW i3 pricing announced

Well here’s a followup to the recent announcement from BMW about cost cutting. The Toyota R&D connection means that hybrid vehicles will come with a decent price. The city car of the range the BMW i3 has recently started making noises about its price, in the wake of this new […]

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BMW i8

BMW i8 pricing estimated

BMW’s i range green range of cars seem to be more and more talked about these days. The newest bit is focused around the i8 supercar. According to a couple of reports, BMW already has a price set in mind for the i8 when it comes to the market in […]

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BMW i Store

BMW i Store opened in London

BMW’s recent announcements seem to indicate we’re dealing with a company that’s a woman. They’re just issuing mixed signals one after the other. First there were some financial problems with the i sub-brand and then they announced the i8 engine production site. After that they’ve opened a new dealership. It’s […]

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BMW i8 Spyder Concept

BMW i8 Spyder promo videos

BMW’s i8 Spyder is now winking at us thanks to a couple of videos. No longer is the roadster version of the BMW i8 a static display . The new promo videos must be the Bavarians’ way of reminding us how the Beijing Motor Show is coming up later this […]

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10 years ago
BMW i8 Concept

BMW talks through the i8 development

The Bavarians at BMW have plenty of new models in the pipeline and there’s a lot of controversy that is spinning around the rumors and announcements that emerge about them. King of the hill among the importance and controversy levels as well we find the BMW i8. Being built to […]

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BMW i3

BMW i5 reportedly coming in 2015

There’s a steady trickle of reports coming in about BMW extending their tree-hugging-eco-friendly-world saving i Range to include more than the i3 and i8 models we’re familiar with. The new model in question is a “middle of the road” solution, a new car that would slot between the two previously […]

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