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The importance of regular car servicing

With the rain and mist of autumn already upon us and the threat of ice and snow just around the corner, the perfect driving conditions of summer are already a distant memory. Therefore it is more important than ever to service your car accordingly during the cold and dark months when driving becomes more difficult.

BMW Plant
BMW Plant

From a premium powered Porsche straight off the production line to the used cars that have seen more miles than Michael Schumacher has seen Grand Prix’s, a car is only as safe as the service it receives.

First and foremost, car maintenance should always be undertaken by a qualified professional. Most drivers are capable of simple regular service tasks such as changing their car’s oil and using anti-freeze, but industry guidelines state that you should get your vehicle serviced after every 30,000 km by a mechanic or technician.

A professional service of your car will ensure the engine is correctly tuned and firing on all cylinders – which will make for both a safer and more economical vehicle. Any leaks from the hoses, cylinders and radiator will be detected and rectified during a service, and if warranted, any defect battery will also be replaced. Additionally, it is of utmost importance, especially during the autumn and winter months when road surfaces can be treacherous and visibility poor that your brake pads, suspension, steering alignment and tyre tread are fully functional and in perfect working order.

BMW Plant
BMW Plant

Many modern cars, such as the new BMW’s, incorporate built in safety systems which react to the nearest millisecond when deploying precision engineered airbags, overriding central locking systems, disengaging battery and generators, and deactivating fuel pumps in the event of an accident.

Regular servicing of your car will not only ensure such devices are in full working order, but also minimise the risk of an accident occurring in the first instance.


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