2014 BMW M3 (F30)

2014 BMW M3 (F30) spied for the first time

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The Germans from BMW started testing the new M3 (F30), a model scheduled to be introduced in late 2013 and go on sale somewhere in 2014. The spy photographers caught the next-generation M3 sedan during tests on the German roads, also reporting that under the bonnet sits a new tri-turbo unit developed by BMW. The new six-cylinder 3.2-liter engine is rumored to develop somewhere around 450 horsepower.

2014 BMW M3 (F30)
2014 BMW M3 (F30)

As mentioned above, these are the first spy photos where the new BMW M3 is present, the Germans starting the tests for the new M model even there are still around two years until its debut. As expected, the new M3 sports the standard M components such as the front and rear bumpers, wider wheel arches, a larger braking system and the dual exhaust system.

2014 BMW M3 (F30)
2014 BMW M3 (F30)

In terms of engines, Ludwig Willisch, chief of BMW USA said that the new tri-turbo unit could be either a V6 or inline six, the Germans still searching for the best solution.

2014 BMW M3 (F30)
2014 BMW M3 (F30)

The inline six unit is lighter, this being the main advantage ahead of the V6 version. According to Willisch, the new M3 can be powered by a more powerful engine but this is not strictly necessary as the model is based on a lightweight structure.

2014 BMW M3 (F30)
2014 BMW M3 (F30)

Spy Photos: MotorAuthority


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12 years ago

It’s kind of sad what’s been going on with BMW. Although, they still are my favorite auto maker, I feel as if they’ve lost their creative edge. There three main cars all look identical to one another. The new 5 series is identical to the 7 series minus the size. The new 3 series is identical to the 5 series minus the size. It’s almost like having the same vehicle in 3 different sizes. It’s sad to see what BMW has succumbed to.

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