2022 BMW M3 & M4 Competition

2022 BMW M3 and M4 Competition to Hit Markets Soon

The 2022 BMW M3 Competition Sedan and the M4 Competition Coupe are coming and this time with the much-expected xDrive all-wheel-drive system. It is the first time that the two vehicles are getting all-wheel-drive functionality. Other than that, BMW also promises better performance numbers and a $4,000 higher asking price.

The first AWD M3 and M4 go on sale this summer amongst high expectations of fans. The addition of M-powered xDrive will allow drivers to harness the true power of the engine and extract maximum performance from it during challenging driving situations.

2022 BMW M3 Competition Rear

The all-wheel-drive, as mentioned before, will be $4100 more expensive than the rear-wheel-drive 2021 Competition models. We still don’t have the exact price of the rear-wheel-drive variants, but there’s a possibility for a slight change. The 2022 M3 Competition xDrive has a base price of $77,895. Whereas, the M4 Competition starts at $79,795.

2022 BMW M3 Competition Exhaust

Both the cars have BMW’s signature 3.0-liter performance engine that ekes out 503 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque. The eight-speed automatic gearbox helps with the shifting, but you can opt for the six-speed transmission if you go with the non-Competition model. 

2022 BMW M3 & M4 Competition Engine

In terms of the differences between the two models, the M3 has more space in the cabin compared to its bigger sibling, the M4. The M3 Competition has two extra doors, which brings in more legroom compared to the M4 Coupe.

Moreover, BMW changed the steering ratio in the xDrive all-wheel-drive models from 15.0:1 to 14.6:1. The front-end suspension is redesigned and the tires have also been upgraded from 19-inch to 20-inch. These forged aluminum wheels are expected to bring the car’s weight lower and enhance performance.  


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