2012 BMW 1 Series hatchback (F20)

The new BMW 1 Series generation to get up to six body styles

The Germans from BMW seem to have big plans for the second-generation 1 Series, a model officially introduced earlier this month in the five-door hatchback version. The official details of the new BMW 1 Series (F20) are available here while you can watch the first commercial of the German small family car here. Moreover, only two days away from the reveal, the Germans from BMW introduced the online configurator of the new 1 Series with the M Sport package.

2012 BMW 1 Series hatchback (F20)
2012 BMW 1 Series hatchback (F20)

Until now, nothing new, but some sources within BMW claim that the company has big plans with the new 1 Series generation planning to launch a total of six body styles of the model, variants scheduled to come gradually.

As expected, the first version will be the five-door hatchback, a model already seen in the photos with its debut in showrooms set for September this year, shortly after the reveal from the Frankfurt Auto Show. Few months later, most probably at the Geneva Auto Show, BMW will introduce the three-door hatchback variant of the new 1 Series, a model expected to reach the dealerships later that spring.

2012 BMW 1 Series hatchback (F20)
2012 BMW 1 Series hatchback (F20)

We know that both the five and three-door hatchback versions will be available as rear-wheel drive models while a four-wheel drive system comes as optional for those interested. As you know, the new 1 Series hatchback shares the same platform with the 3 Series but you will see in the end of the article that a new platform will equip certain body styles.

2012 BMW 1 Series hatchback (F20)
2012 BMW 1 Series hatchback (F20)

The following two variants will be the 1 Series Coupe and Convertible, models scheduled to replace the old generation somewhere in 2013. We already talked about the mysterious front-wheel drive model currently under development, a model that will cause some changes in the range. Therefore, the future 1 Series Coupe and Convertible will be renamed and will constitute the first model within the new 2 Series range.

2013 BMW 1 Series Coupe rendering
2013 BMW 1 Series Coupe rendering

Most probably by 2015, BMW looks forward to introduce a GT version of the current 1 Series while later an estate variant is rumored to enter the range. Introducing a Gran Turismo body style for the new BMW 1 Series can be a little bit risky as last month, the Germans reported extremely poor sales of the 5 Series GT in the United States.


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