BMW RR vs BMW M3 E92

VIDEO: BMW releases “The Chase” – BMW RR vs BMW M3 E92

Following the previous commercial for the new BMW 5 Series F10, the Bavarians reveal a new video which is not quite a commercial but it’s pretty dynamic and interesting to be considered a promoting material.

BMW RR vs BMW M3 E92
BMW RR vs BMW M3 E92

Called “The Chase”, the three-minute video features a tuned BMW M3 E92 as well as a modified BMW RR. The main reason of this video is to prove which is the best on the track, the motorcycle or the four-wheel vehicle.

Due to some minor adjustments operated by Akropovic Evolution, the BMW M3 E92 develops 442 horsepower from the 4.0-liter V8 engine while the BMW RR offers 198 horses which manage to bring the first place in the end of the video mainly due to the weight of just 197 kilograms.

The custom BMW M3 E92 also got some modifications in terms of weight, the scale showing in the end only 1,623 kilograms, not enough to beat the Bavarian motorcycle indeed. Make yourself comfortable and hit play at the following video being sure to turn the volume up in order to enjoy some high revs.


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