BMW 5 Series Refuel commercial

BMW reveals a new interesting ad for the new generation 5 Series F10

No doubt that the new BMW 5 Series F10 is one of the most popular sedans in the market and the new ad revealed these days highlights the fuel efficiency of the German model. Called “Refuel”, the new commercial directed by the Grey West advertising agency features of course the new 5 Series but also a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker.

BMW 5 Series Refuel commercial
BMW 5 Series Refuel commercial

From the beginning we are told that the 30-second commercial is a CGI one, something really expectable as this kind of scenario is quite hard to be done without any problem.

BMW 5 Series Refuel commercial
BMW 5 Series Refuel commercial

Judging by the ad’s name and the first seconds, we would have thought that the German model will be refueled by the plane at high speeds but this would not have been that interesting. Instead, the commercial suggests that it’s more likely you to need a refuel before the tank empties, mainly due to the improved fuel consumption of 32 mpg (7,3 liters/100 km).

Asking me, this is a quite interesting idea and even if there is just a sentence spoken, the commercial manages to emphasize the innovative technology of the German premium sedan


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11 years ago


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