Most BMW 1 Series think they are drivinga front wheel drive car

It’s quite funny to hear this bust as the title says, most BMW 1 Series drivers are thinking that they are driving a front-wheel-drive car or more exactly, 80% of the owners of such a car. If you’re making part of that 80%, then you should know that the BMW 1 Series is a rear wheel drive car.

Still, this is good because you can say that it leaves some place to the front–wheel-drive platform that BMW is going to build to compete to the Audi A1. Also, this new architecture will also be used for the next generation of MINI Cooper that will debut in 2013.

Also, by 2015, BMW is planning to sell up to 1 million of front-wheel-drive BMWs but also MINIs. Anyway, until that moment we will have to wait quite a long time but are going to see how are the things moving around.


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[…] time when I’ve watched the video I remembered that about 80% of the BMW customers owning a 1 Series think that their model got a front-wheel drive system. That’s obviously […]

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