2010 BMW HP2

2010 BMW HP2

When you first look at 2010 BMW HP2 Sport Motorsport Motorcycle, you would say that this is a normal bike and has nothing different from other regular motorcycles but as you get used to, the all new BMW brands are now very different than the other motorcycles company.

On the internet there are few details about this new 2010 BMW HP2 Sport Motorsport Motorcycle so in most of all specifications, I will tell what I think about this vehicle. This 2010 BMW HP2 Sport Motorsport Motorcycle will be released in a limited edition counting just 400 units.

2010 BMW HP2 Sport Motorsport Motorcycle will come with a very powerful engine that will be able to develop 133 horsepower and 115 Nm weighting just 178 kilograms or 392.4 lbs. I think the ratio between power and weight is very good because it can develop a lot of power from what I said before, and it also have a low weight which makes this motorcycle kind of futuristic vehicle.

2010 BMW HP22010 BMW HP22010 BMW HP2


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Kelly Shoemake
Kelly Shoemake
11 years ago

Looking for a BMW HP2 low miles 2010. I have an American Eagle Maverick rs 113cu.

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