2010 BMW 8 Series

2010 BMW 8 Series

BMW really wants to raise the manufacturing started by employing more workers in BMW Plants and started making new BMW models: first was 2011 BMW 0 Series (you can see a sketch here) and now they are making an 8 Series. At the 8 Series they really developed the ideea and there are a lot of real photos, not just sketches.

It’s not official, but some rumors say that 2010 BMW 8 Series will be released in 2010 and from what I think, it will be at the end of the year because they just released the news that this car will be built. Under the hood is said that will be a 6.0 liter V12 engine or a V8 just like on the next M5.

BMW reported that there will be no M version of 2010 BMW 8 Series wich from my thoughts, this car is awesome just the way it is; 2010 BMW 8 Series doesn’t need any power upgrade. I’m disappointed to see that there is no talk about a hybrid version of 2010 BMW 8 Series. Anyway, there is no doubt that 2010 BMW 8 Series will make part of the next BMW generation.

2010 BMW 8 Series2010 BMW 8 Series2010 BMW 8 Series


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