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Top 4 New BMW Car Colors Launched in 2021-2022

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Every year sees improvements to BMW cars’ technology, aesthetics and interior comfort for the driver. We would like to look into 4 fresh BMW car paint colors that have been introduced in 2021-2022. With these new car paint colors of BMW, the auto manufacturer is keeping up with the times and adding a modern, clean look to their vehicles. There are a range of new car paint colors of BMW in 2022 for buyers to choose from. We have chosen our top 4 for you to browse through.

If you are buying a 2022 BMW our look into color aesthetics may help you, or if you already have an older one it’s a good idea to buy an or Vehicle Service plan (which means the same thing). That way, when you encounter a mechanical breakdown your repair costs will be covered. It’s good to prepare for this eventuality.

We will look at 4 fresh new BMW car colors this 2022:

1. The BMW iX Flow Concept Car Has the Ability to Change Colors

BMW unveiled this revelation in car bodywork colors at a CES technology conference in early January 2022. It has “E Ink” that can change colors. When the car changes colors it’s a fluid transition. It has a uniquely designed body wrap. The material is likened to the Amazon Kindle’s E-Reader. The wrap follows the contours of the fully-electric vehicle. Stella Clarke, who is the Project lead for the BMW iX Flow with its unique E Ink, says the “E-Ink” won’t go into the production phase right now, but likely in the future. BMW car paint colors are revolutionizing the marketplace.

2. The BMW 2 Series Coupe Brings the Magic in Thundernight Metallic (Purple)

2022 BMW 2 Series - Thundernight Metallic Paint (Purple)

BMW car colors 2021 are making waves into 2022! The BMW M240i xDrive makes a bold impression in Thundernight Metallic, a metallic purple color. This color certainly makes a statement should you choose to purchase this car. It was released in November 2021, making an impression in the public eye with its aesthetics. The unusual lines of this car are accentuated by this bold, unique body color. 

3. The 2022 BMW M135i xDrive Comes in a New Shade of Yellow

2021 BMW M135i xDrive

The 2022 BMW M135i xDrive comes in an exclusive Sao Paulo Yellow non-metallic shade, the color officially launched in 2021. BMW car colors 2021 continue to impress the market! You could also choose the same car in colors like Frozen Pure Grey or Frozen Orange Metallic. The yellow color is easy on the eye and attractive, but it would definitely stand out alongside more traditional colors that are less bold. The color was well-received by the public.

4.   The BMW M4 Mint Green Makes an Impression


This was part of the BMW M4 competition in september 2021 where mint Green was the car’s body color. It also had 20” gold wheels, a unique color combination! BMW car colors 2021 show unique color combinations on their cars as a whole. The Mint Green body color adds to the overall look, complemented by the contrasting accents of the car, like the black trim. Overall, the car looks fresh and inviting. Car paint colors of BMW such as mint green add a fresh flair to the market.

The BMW 2022 Vehicle Body Work Colors Are Eye-Catching and Unique

The BMW car colors launched in late 2021 for the new year of 2022 models are unique and bold. Each of the four colors we mentioned are different from each other and add an appeal to the aesthetic of the specific model you may choose to buy from the colors that are available to the public. We hope you liked our exploration of the various new car paint colors of BMW. The car manufacturer is definitely keeping up with the times alongside other car brands adding new body colors to their palettes in 2022.

Ensure your BMW has an in place so that when you are out on the road and you run into a mechanical breakdown, your repair costs will be covered. You can drive with peace of mind knowing that your repair costs will be covered by your Vehicle Service Contract or extended warranty.


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