BMW Autonomous Cars

BMW Will Develop All Autonomous Cars with Pedals and Steering Wheel

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Without a doubt, the future has been an interesting problem for all of us. As most of the ideas regarding our future become reality, our attention turns to the improvement of those ideas. Such is the case of BMW’s autonomous car concept. While the main point of such a vehicle is to function without a driver, the Bavarian manufacturer is convinced that creating such a vehicle without the necessary accessories to also allow full control of the vehicle if need be is a great mistake.

This is definitely an idea that needs to be debated. While most people would probably feel safer if they had an alternative to control the car themselves, could the same safety net prove to be a major flaw in the safety of the car? What if somebody touches the controls by accident and creates a dangerous situation for the passengers? Regardless, BMW is sure that all autonomous vehicles should sport a control override mechanism. As far as their future plans go, all autonomous BMW cars will include a steering wheel and control pedals.

BMW Autonomous Cars

At this point the question is if there are major differences between autonomous cars that will include an override mechanism and those that will not. While the best experiment in such a situation would be to wait, see and compare two models that fit the description, in theory the autonomous vehicles that will include an override mechanism will probably prove to be superior, in regards to safety, to those that will not. No matter how you look at it, BMW has brought to light an important issue in the development of autonomous vehicles. While a general answer is yet to be provided, BMW has already made up its mind in regards to the general safety provided by autonomous vehicles.

BMW Autonomous Cars

Without a doubt, the future in which autonomous cars will roam the streets of all roads in the world is not far. Having this in thought, it is important for us to ask the right questions in regards to how the development of the autonomous technology should take place. BMW seems to have done so and has already discovered some answers regarding the safety such a vehicle should provide by default. All that remains for us is to wait and see how all these findings will affect the future development of autonomous cars.


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