BMW Night Vision

BMW Night Vision

I heard and read a lot of things about the night vision that comes with the new BMW models; some are very good, some are very bad, nothing at the middle. People talks about the night vision on BMW from at least one year when some spy photographers caught in pictures a M3 facelift that had at the front side a night vision camera.

The new 7 Series is packed with night vision camera and it’s available for everyone; of course, if you give more money for this option because I don’t think that this is included in the stock model. First time when I heard about this feature from 7 Series was on TV, the guy was testing the night vision camera and told to a friend to go 50m in front of the camera to capture him in the night vision but he couldn’t so this is a bad thing told about this night vision feature.

If it really works, this is way too useful because it can help people to avoid a lot of accidents but at the sime time, I think it’s too expensive from what I expect.

BMW Night VisionBMW Night VisionBMW Night Vision


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