BMW will make a MINI Coupe production

BMW Mini Coupe

BMW has announced that 2 new new Mini models and one of them is going to be a Coupe and the second one will be revealed at Frankfurt Auto Show on September 15. At the momment this Coupe remains a concept but it will have a 1.4 liter engine wich will develop 211 horsepower.

This is kind of a celebration model of BMW Mini because this brand began at 26 August 1959 so there are 50 years to celebrate. Those 2 new Mini models will be built at the Mini factory from Oxford, England. These are the measures of the new BMW Mini Coupe: 66.1 inches wide, 53.3 inches high and 1.4 inches lower than before (source).

I always said and I’ll always say: this and any other small car like this one is for chicks. I prefer an 1 Series powerful model but I also saw boys driving cars like this but anyway, I think it’s a respectfully car even if I don’t prefer it.

BMW Mini CoupeBMW Mini CoupeBMW Mini Coupe


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