2011 BMW Series 1

2011 BMW 1 Series

The 2011 BMW Series 1 have been cought on lot of spy pictures. I chose only 4 pictures to show you the car from all angles but from a simple search you can find a lot of pictures with 2011 BMW 1 Series.

I read that on the US market will have a four cylinder engine and on Europe market will be packed with a 1.35 liter three cylinder and will develop between 163 horsepower and 241 horsepower. The turbo diesel engine of 2011 BMW 1 Series comes with 150, 184, and 211 horsepower. People expects to come with a xDrive sytem and the power to be 78 kW and 243 kW.

If I had to be sure of anything, that would be that the 2011 BMW Series will have turbo versions and no way about a M model. People expects also a hybrid model. I was expecting a lot of power from this new 2011 BMW 1 Series as I used from previous versions but this is a small car so you don’t need more power than that; anyway, there is nothing sure about the car’s performance. I expect to be released in 1 and a half year – 2 years.

2011 BMW 1 Series2011 BMW 1 Series2011 BMW 1 Series


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vasudev singal
vasudev singal
13 years ago

complaint against Indian dealer

need e mail ID of BMW-Germany for the further correspondance

need correct name of the person who will handle the complaint

we are the distributor of TATA STEEL and have some suggestions for you

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