Chris Bangle leaves BMW and auto industry!

Chris Bangle

At 53 years, BMW’s head designer, namely the american Christopher Bangle left BMW brand and auto industry and will focus on his own design projects that are not in auto industry. Also, Bangle became the BMW’s chief designer in 1992 and he designed the BMW Z9 Gran Turismo.

The BMW’s chief developement, namely Klaus Draeger said that van Hooydonk will follow the post of chief designer at BMW. The last creation of Bangle’s erra was Gina Concept.

Chris Bangle was criticized in BMW’s revolutionary concept design in 2002, but the future pointed out that BMW has been successful because it has passed mercedes in the standings premium brands.

In the spring of 2008, the chief designer of Mercedes, Peter Pfeiffer retired after a 40 years activity at Mercedes Company.

Chris BangleChris BangleChris Bangle

Chris BangleChris BangleChris Bangle

Chris BangleChris BangleChris Bangle


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