BMW i8 display car

BMW i8 display car on eBay

Right now, BMW is enjoying its successful entry on the electric market with two highly acclaimed vehicles, the i3 and i8.

Of the two, the sportier BMW i8 is really a thing to behold, both from a visual and from a performance point of view, for which it also received a lot of good feedback.

BMW i8 display car
BMW i8 display car

And while pretty much most of us would like to get our hands on one, the $100.000 asked for it is a tad prohibitive. Not to mention that getting on a waiting list right now would be something close to a miracle. So, what would be the next best thing if we are set for a BMW i8?

BMW i8 display car
BMW i8 display car

This particular i8 shell just came up on eBay, and if you hurry, you might just be able to grab it for just a fraction of the real thing. Of course, as I stated, it is just a fiberglass shell mounted on a rolling cart, and apart from the headlights and wheels nothing is functional. Still, it would make for a great showpiece anywhere you decide to place it.


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