BMW i8

BMW i8 demand greater than supply

The first units of the highly anticipated BMW i8 sportscar will arrive in June for the European market and July for the US.

Unfortunately, for those that have yet to pre-order an i8, chances are they will have to wait quite a lot longer for one.

BMW i8
BMW i8

In a recent statement, BMW official let it slip that the demand for the hybrid sportscar has already exceeded production numbers, managing to shatter sales estimates. As was the case with the smaller i3, the BMW i8 is not just a hybrid Bimmer, but a whole new craze brought upon us by the German car maker.

BMW i8
BMW i8

While I find it a bit easier to believe the smaller i3 broke all expectations, we have to take into consideration that the i8 is quite a bit more expensive, and overall more exclusive, as it will be produced in smaller numbers. Early estimates say that ordering a BMW i8 now might get you in a 3 or 4 month waiting list.


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