Mini Clubman Concept

Mini Clubman Concept Going for 7 Seats while Countryman remains the Big Brother

The Mini Clubman concept was unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show with its six-door concept and now, the BMW subsidiary plant is aiming towards a 7-seat vehicle.

The Clubman concept unveiled at the Swiss event is longer than the Countryman crossover with around 4.4-inches and also wider with a little two-inches.

Mini Clubman Concept
Mini Clubman Concept

The chief at the design department Anders Warming, stated that those are the standard limits imposed for the upcoming Mini Clubman, which will be sporting 7 seats, based on the Countryman model.

Mini Clubman Concept
Mini Clubman Concept

The Countryman remains the company`s big brother, as Warming also mentions that the new Clubman will be as big as it should be for a parking lot anywhere in the world.

This is actually an official response to the rumors being launched back in November, stating that the BMW subsidiary would come up with a bigger Mini than the average size.

Mini Clubman Concept
Mini Clubman Concept

The company has already changed its sizing policies, coming with bigger Minis now, but the subsidiary doesn’t rule out the possibility of developing a smaller version the Rocketman concept for instance.

With this in mind, the manufacturer is trying to bring back the original “mini” cars to the audience, as a recall of the old time`s sake.


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