BMW Vision Connected Drive Concept

BMW Z3 to come out of cooperation with Toyota

It’s been a while now since the fact that BMW is working with Toyota has stopped being news, and after all this time, the results of this collaboration are still rather vague.

But today, an important bit of information has been uploaded, concerning a future BMW model.

BMW Vision Connected Drive Concept
BMW Vision Connected Drive Concept

Set to follow the current Z4, the new car will use the name Z3, but it will be lighter thanks to the use of lightweight materials. Speaking of which, it seems that everywhere we turn our heads, we hear more and more of the Bavarian car maker’s models will be using their already famous CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic). This can only mean that the much coveted material truly is becoming cost effective.

Moving on with the new Z3 model, the general idea of the styling will revolve around the BMW Vision Connected Drive concept, a rumor that has circulated for a bit. The configuration for the BMW Z3 will be as a front engine, rear wheel drive car, sporting a folding hard top. While BMW will be selling a roadster, Toyota will be making a coupe version, although we are not exactly sure how that will work.


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